Trashumante Tinto Garnacha, Spain

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The grapes used for this wine are Garnacha vines from the south of Navarra, these wines are selected at their optimum and elaborated by winemaker Pablo Pavez,  an expert in obtaining the maximum varietal expression.

Predominance of summer aromas and red fruit flavours of the Garnacha variety, characteristic of the D.O. Navarra, with a fresh and attractive taste. Vivid and intense colour.

But who's the bearded fella? Trashumante refers to nomadic Spanish farmers.... So that's who he is, rumour has it he was the original hipster, but I made that up.

Grape Varieties: 100% Garnacha

Farming Practices: Sustainable & Vegan

Sugar Level: 4.0g/l

Closure: Screw Cap