Decent Drop Gift Box

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Go on, make someone feel amazing.

We're proud to offer a fantastic gift box, perfect for any special occasion, which is a beautifully presented gifted version of our regular menu. What's the difference? Read on!

As usual, there's a selection of 6 different wines, paired with delicious cheeses. The delightful extras include 1 or 2 x 200ml bottles of Terra Serena Prosecco depending on if you pick a 1 or 2 person box. 

If you're into festive scented candles, you're in luck, as we have also included a treat from the legends at Yankee Candle!

To complete the set, you'll also find some fancy oatcakes and a small jar of chutney, as well as the usual tasting notes and invitation to our weekly Zoom. 

Wine, cheese, fizz and a scented candle. Does it get better?